Celine + Sacha
Vow Renewal

They get married twice, in two different lands (Australia and France), and before their big adventure traveling around the world for a year, they decided to renewal their vows in Adelaide and Semaphore (Australia)
Celine + Sacha

Love isn’t measured by how much you express it, or with how much energy you celebrate that feeling. In this case we’re witnesses of this pure feeling between Celine and Sacha, from the deepest part of their hearts. Doesn’t care how they’ve celebrated it the first and the second time, even the first time with us. They love each other truly and fearless.

Our adventure starts in the train heading to a small town near Adelaide, Australia. We had a wedding the day before, and we were still fighting against the jetlag (our third day in Australia flying from London), so when Sacha pick us in the train station and took us home, we easily felt like really home. He offered us something to eat and drink while Celine was getting ready with Mandy, her best friend who helped them planning this vow renewal.

While Celine was in the dinning room, with the make up artist and stylist, Sacha showed us few pictures of their first wedding in Australia. Few months after they went to France (part of his family lives there). And now they were planning to leave their home in Australia and travel around the world, visiting all the countries for maybe more than a year. Such a couple of wanderer souls! Love that!

When they were ready to go, we went together to Semaphore beach, near their house, to keep the memory of this place that they called home for all these years. Then we went to the Botanical Gardens of Adelaide, where they’ve promised again their love surrounded by hundred-year-old trees and unique and exotic green beings. The first words of Sacha were: “I give you my love, and you give me every wish I could imagine…” Goosebumps!


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