Anna + Toni
Farmhouse Wedding

Get married in an open field with horses, and a sunset ceremony leaded by the most beloved and intimate friends. Dreamy enough?
Anna + Toni

Anna and Toni are very-very special. We knew that because they are so natural, open-minded, and they take care of their most beloved ones, from the smallest details to the top of their efforts, to make them feel comfortable, to enjoy together their love in this big celebration with lots of handmade details made by the bride and groom for all of them.
The day before the wedding they were still finishing some of the details for the guests. Oh my…! But when we arrived, all the family and friends were wearing their biggest smiles.

Both sides, the family of the groom and the family of the bride, were getting ready in the same country house but in different rooms. It was funny to cross from one side to another and exchange funny stories, and make spontaneous toasts for the couple in the kitchen: laying in the fridge there were soja milk, beers and the bouquet of the bride. Everything was so natural, familiar, cozy. We felt part of the family since the beginning, so we could capture the deepest mood of what happened.
The outdoor ceremony was dreamy: in the fields with free horses behind the bride and groom, and that magical sunset light. Anna went down the aisle while Toni was singing a very special love song for her. Goosebumps!


As you may have seen, we have a really natural way of working. We don’t believe in artificial settings. We just love to be there with you and let you be as you truly are.

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