Bek + Sitso
Wedding in the Dolomites

Bek and Sitso planned their destination wedding here, near the Dolomites, because they loved this natural backdrop. Who doesn't? It was an awesome intimate wedding with their closest friends and family from all over the world.
Bek + Sitso

The first time we met was pure love at first sight. Eva was wearing a t-shirt of the famous serie “Stranger Things” but in their most version geek “Vegan Things”, so the bride and groom confessed that they were planning a vegan wedding, with no cruelty to any living being. That means all the meals will be plant based, the decoration should be cruelty free, without fresh flowers. Have you ever seen a wedding without flowers? A bride without bouquet? It was very challenging for Holly, the talented destination wedding planner that planned their big day!

We all arrived together at the same time to the house. The leitmotif, even if there were few distractions (the last season of Game of Thrones was released that week!) was always the weather.

Checking the forecast was our favorite sport these days, but it was also amazing doing morning yoga by the lake and hiking these amazing white mountains. It was supposed to SNOW during their wedding day, so as soon as you take a look to the video and the pictures you’ll understand why this obsession checking the forecast: there were no rescue plan. The outdoor ceremony near the lake, with the Dolomites as a unique and natural backdrop should be cathartic!

Harry Potter fans, don’t miss a thing: during the dinner there were magic wands in the tables, board games and a vegan cake inspired in this famous magician saga. Welcome to the wedding of Bek and Sitso, you muggles!


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