Drita + Lolo
Ukulele Wedding at the Beach

Vintage mood on: we introduce you Drita and Lolo, the bride and groom that singed with the ukelele in their beach party.
Drita + Lolo

It’s so difficult to find a unique title for the wedding of Drita and Lolo: hawaiian wedding at the beach, bride and groom playing together the ukulele and singing in their wedding ceremony, a band playing live Bebop music, the most amazing sweets buffet we have ever seen, the coolest DJ (their son!) a 8-year-old boy that warm up the craziest wedding party ever…

These could be few of the titles we should write about the wedding of Drita and Lolo, without mentioning all the other lovely details, like the charity wedding favors to all the guests (…including us!) and the donation to the hospital.

They get married in the beach, with the sea as a natural backdrop and sound motion. They showed up running with color smoke bombs, and went down the aisle to take their ukuleles and sing together few songs, welcoming their guests to their wedding. It was so touching! Some of their guests made special speeches for them.

After the ceremony, they’ve eaten local rice (paella!), doughnuts and homemade cakes. The band played live bebop music, and with the first lights of the evening, their 8-year-old son leaded the party as the main DJ: playing music to celebrate the love of their parents.


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