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Wedding in Machoenia

A grey and rainy day wrapped with the love of all their guests. The wedding of Cristina and Miguel was like this: expats from the north of Spain, living in the United Kingdom but deeply in love with the south west of France.
Cristina + Miguel

From the very first moment we spoke with them we knew it will be a very special day. We were hanging on the phone in a long-distance call, hearing them telling all the details about their wedding, and about their love story. It really was love at first sight! Both were born and raised in the north of Spain, but they were now living in London. We can't imagine how difficult could be to plan a destination wedding like this! But they clearly know that they wanted to get married in the south west of France, because they love this part of the country. It is their special place: whenever they can, they escape to this lovely region to have a break.

The day before their wedding we met them in Machoenia, leaving everything ready for the wedding. We could spend few minutes with them, sharing some nice moments in front of and behind the cameras, before their very special day. More than nervous, we could feel their emotions. They were very excited to bring the friends and family together in this celebration they were planning since long time ago. Even if we were aware of the forecast and we know it will be a rainy wedding, the surroundings couldn't be more perfect: the horses galloping through the grasslands of the house, and a lot of different birds singing in the treetops.

Everything was ready for unexpected weather changes. Evidence of this is in the bride wearing boots after the ceremony, leaving us all speechless. Bravo! She was very stylish walking around the gardens with her vintage gown and a transparent umbrella, enjoying a romantic and rainy sunset with Miguel.

On saturday they were shiny and bright receiving warm wishes from their closest friends and family during the preparations. They were under the same roof, but in different rooms. And it was the key to share with them a lot of touching moments before to say I do. The groom went to the church to receive all the guests. We arrived into the beautiful church of Saint Vincent with the bride, in an elegant classic car.

After a very special catholic ceremony, in which a choir took part in some of the most touching moments, all the guests went outside the building to receive the newlyweds with a rice rain. It really was an outbreak of hugs, kisses and the warmest wishes for the couple. Moments full of joy that expanded until dusk.

The cocktail was served on the porch, with live music. After a walk with the couple through the gardens and the surroundings to explore some nices places with together, the guests entered into the dinning room, dressed in a discrete way with organic embellishments and delicate floral arrangements. There were toasts for the newlyweds, and speeches full of emotion, gifts and surprises until, in a whisper, day flied and they both were dancing their first dance, surrounded by all the guests. This was the green light for the party, and we all have danced super hits. And you know one of the best things of the party? The bride and groom surprised their guests with a vintage van, serving crêpes and warm sweets.


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