Love Party in Dordogne
Chateau de la Fleunie

The groom was playing drums with their band, the bride was dancing, and all the guests -including us- enjoyed this amazing love party
Mélanie + Julien

We met them for the first time in Limoges, and it was really love at first sight. They were traveling from Paris, and we were coming back from Barcelona, so we both were exhausted, but it was great to meet them and share a Spicy Chai and a Chocolate together! They were so natural, and we easily felt comfortable with them, like a couple of old friends that haven't seen each other for a long time. They told us more about their wedding: the style, their plans, some details about their family and friends... And about their lifes. We easily connect with them because they also use to travel a lot because of work, and that's great! It was really nice to spend that cold afternoon with them.

When Mélanie left us alone for few seconds, Julien confessed us a secret: he is a musician. He plays drums in a band, but he also loves and plays other instruments, and he was planning to play a special song with the piano for Melanie's entrance in the church. Such a romantic idea! Can you imagine our faces?

So when their wedding's day arrived, we were so excited to finally share that very special day with them. And it was really great, an amazing love party from the begining to the end!


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