Meant to Be
Homemade wedding in Turenne

Celebrating your wedding at home, in the garden, around the pool. How perfect sounds this? Maeva and François wanted to get married at home, framing this very special moment of their lives in this authentic french country house: their home.
Maeva + François

When we arrived the bride was getting ready with their friends. They took their floral crowns to match with the bohemian ambiance of the celebration. Girls were so excited: when Maeva finally appeared with her beautiful wedding gown, they couldn't get enought air. She was stunning!

Preparations with François and the groom's tribe were so funny. And yes, the first picture is the groom's squad naked taking a shower together, and writing love messages with soap in the shower screen. It has never been this good to start a wedding with this crazy, wild and great groom's team!

No words are needed to be touched just looking to François when Maeva is going down the aisle. The religious ceremony took place in the church, and after this, all the guests went back home. The house of their family was a typical and authentic french old country house in Turenne. Everything was ready to celebrate the reception in the garden, around the pool. Even if it was a very minimal celebration, the couple took care of the smallest details: from the delicate flowers Maeva was wearing in her hair, to all the wonderful floral arrangements in a soft white and green palette.


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