Elopement on the Beach

We wanted to do something in the Empordan area, a land full of crystal-clear waters, and wild routes full of sunflowers. Such a paradisiacal place...! And we were very lucky to meet Laura and Pau, a lovely couple that lived in the area. They were quite shy at the beginning, but it turned into intimacy once we were alone at the top of the rocks, swaying with the sound of the waves of the sea, with the dim light of the sunset. It was wonderful... They just melted our hearts.

A smile of complicity, a shy loving caress... The afternoon was perfect: filtered sunlight, and a few tourists, it was very quiet. Nevertheless, the people we found had nice words and warm wishes for the couple that makes Laura blush and smile. They were so cute together!

We squeezed the sunlight until its last beams, and their tenderness until their last kiss. We leave the place at night, leaving the memories of that afternoon there, with some of the flower petals that flied and merged with the sea, the rocks and the sand.


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