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Mas Terrats

When marriage turns into a funny and explosive cultural mix between the Pampa and the north of Catalonia, with guests from all over the world. Welcome to the wedding of Meri and Leo!
Meri & Leo

When we arrived we noticed there was a pool party outside the house. The groom ran to his room when he saw us to get ready for the wedding. Cool vibes! The bride was getting ready in a room upstairs, with views to the entrance, so she could see all the guests while they were arriving. If they were nervous, this weird feeling easily was melted with the warm hugs and the thousands of smiles they received.

The brother of the groom gave the bouquet to the bride with a very touching speech, that left us all trembling because of the emotion. He was also who, few minutes later, will conquer the stage to dedicate a total rocker song to the newlyweds. We easily entered into the mood and declared ourselves wholehearted and unconditional fans of the Pampa and its art.

They have fixed an old familiar motorcycle with a long and lovely history, so the father could bring the bride down to the aisle. When they appeared into the woods with the vintage Vespa, all the guests stood up to receive them. It was very exciting! They said yes surrounded by nature, in a bucolic ceremony in the woods. There were speeches, nice words and recited poems in their honour. At the end, a rain of rice, flowers petals and soap bubbles flooded all the guests in joy. It was the starting signal for the great party to celebrate their love, an extended party until the barbecue the day after the wedding, where the unquestionable star was the authentic Argentinian asado barbecue.


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