We are very happy to see you here. That means that you like what we do, and you want to know more about us. That's great!

The purest of emotions: LOVE. Wild Love. And we adore to capture it spontaneously. We were born nomadic. We are currently based in Europe, between France and Spain, but we sail around the world together to capture this pure feeling.

We like real people that love without fears or borders. Telling their stories about intimacy, attachment, love and transcendence. Engagements, weddings, elopements, births and other heartfelt moments.

Eva: I do yoga from sunshine till sundown. I love reinventing homemade dishes in a vegan way: people say I bet on the sweet ones! And I think it's because I'm a disaster cooking anything else than sweets (or maybe because my granny teached me well). I love spending time with friends and family, or playing the ukelele when I need to overthink about something.

I think that I dream more than I sleep. I believe in perfect home dates watching a movie, listening to live music or singing and dancing in the rain. Mom of a stubborn teckel, Gaius Baltar, that loves carrots and pumpkin as much as I do.

Martin: I'm a great fan of competitive sports. I always have something to say about it, specially about tennis and basketball. I love geography from land to land. Plan a trip to somewhere it's always a great plan! I can't resist exotic food and homemade desserts. I am the man behind a special toast every time there is an indication a celebration is about to take place.

I love metal music, but I compose electronic music most of the times. I can't live without Netflix! But I enjoy to explore quiet places with friends and the wildest nature as well. It‘s good to see my cactus collection and avocado plants grow.

When we are not shooting we love to spend time watching movies, from classics to independent films, and making toasts with whisky (Martin), or matcha (Eva). We are passionate about music, so we love to compose and play music, but also that unique vibe of concerts and music festivals.

We all have an artistic background and did cinema and photography studies at the University. Eva and Martin started together doing music videos and photos of some great (and noisy) bands. But then a friend got engaged, so we captured that day with the cameras. And we loved it! We were living in Besançon (France).

One of our passions is exploring the world and meeting people from all around the globe, so we can share and learn from all these different cultures. We are so different, but the perfect and balanced match: Eva loves cooking and Martin is an excelent sommelier!